Dido in Winter


Named one of the best poetry books of 2015
by The Library Journal

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Winner of the Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize
Anne Shaw's impressive first collection, Undertow, is an exploration, in the key of doubt,
of all that moves beneath the surface of a cosmos riddled with light.
                                                                                                             -Carolyn Forchè

The poems in Undertow--luminous, clairvoyant, radiant--are spun as if from the finest silk,
their threads almost invisible, their tensile strength unimaginably strong. Few debuts
are as candid and uncanny, generous and fierce, or elaborate and distilled as Anne Shaw's
first book is.
                                                                                                                -Eric Pankey

Sample Poems

"Hymn" on Verse Daily

"Drag King Manifesto" from the Woodland Pattern archives

"Shibboleth" from the Woodland Pattern archives

 "Grief Street" and "Khao Lak Paradise Resort" from Drunken Boat No. 11

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A documentary poem
exploring the history
of monstrosity
from Medieval times
to the present.

Finalist in the DIAGRAM
Hybrid Essay Contest

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Twitter Poetry Project   

The project may be viewed as a long poem or series of interleaved short poems, written
via the website Twitter.com. The intent is to explore the intrusion of private thought into public space, the language of poetry rendered in real time across the technological and quotidian landscape.

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