Twitter Poetry Project

The project may be viewed as a long poem or series of interleaved short poems, written day-by-day via the website The intent is to explore the intrusion of private thought into public space, the language of poetry in real time across the technological and quotidian landscape.

                                                                                             In creating this uncomfortable juxtaposition, I embrace a poetry that interjects "luminous nodes" of perception into the fragmentation of our modern lives. This is poetry off the page, de-centered from its conventional contexts and associations. It is my hope that the project leads to more careful consideration of language, both in and against our daily discourse.

                                                                           As dictated by Twitter, the formal constraints are number of characters, time, and the simple rule that entries can be deleted but not revised. Chronologically, the poem also appears backwards, with the most recently posted line at the top.

                                                                                    Ultimately, my hope is that others will reply to the posts, so that the poem radiates both inward to and outward from its core.

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